Portfolio: Dominic Duffin

Pass The Pen project: Escape Room (2019)

See the Pen Escape Room! by Kristopher Van Sant (@KristopherVanSant) on CodePen.

I worked on this game as part of the Pass The Pen group, organised by Kristopher Van Sant.

This game is an escape room with six puzzles for the player to solve, after which they will be 'released' from the room. Me and five others contributed an individual puzzle, and I also worked as part of the group working on the overall design and fitting it all together.

A full list of contributors can be found on the CodePen

Purplify & Pastel: Stylesheet contribution to the Style Stage project (2020)

Style Stage is a project maintained by Stephanie Eckles as a showcase of modern CSS. I contributed the Purplify & Pastel stylesheet.

View my contribution on Style Stage
Find out more about Style Stage

Website for Malcolm Miles (2018)

I developed this website for writer and researcher Malcolm Miles using HTML and CSS in 2018.


CSS Grid - Div Sorter (2018/2020)

See the Pen CSS Grid - Div Sorter by Dominic Duffin (@dominicduffin1) on CodePen.

This project was conceived as an experiment with CSS Grid back in 2018. I conducted a major refactor of the JavaScript and updated the colour scheme in 2020.