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⌨️ I write code, mainly CSS, JavaScript (Vanilla, React, NodeJS) and Python. My favourite IDE is VS Code.

💻 I'm a passionate supporter of open-source computing and decentralised systems and a current open-source contributor. Recently I have been contributing to Elm Quarto, Forem (Ruby on Rails/JavaScript/SCSS), Postpartum Wellness App (Expo/React Native), and Virtual Coffee (Eleventy/Nunjucks). Most of my creative coding is released under open source licenses.

🐦 I co-founded and co-organise #ArtTechChat, a weekly Twitter chat on technology, art and design held every Sunday at 1PM USA Eastern Time.

🖊 I'm part of Pass the Pen, a group of coders collaborating on CodePen and livestreaming as CollabTV

📚 I'm studying at the Open University (UK) and always learning new things in and out of formal studies. I'm currently learning Docker and Ruby. I'm a believer in self-directed learning.

🔒 I'm a multi-cryptocurrency hodler who prefers to see healthy competition between blockchain platforms rather than the domination of a single blockchain. I am excited about new blockchain projects and the applications of blockchain technology beyond traditional cryptocurrency such as NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) digital goods and DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation)s.

🤔 I like ideas that push boundaries and defy categorisation.

📈 I'm an avid reader about economics, and economics form part of my studies at the OU. A particular area of interest for me is new economic models enabled by emerging technologies and decentralised organisational structures.

📖 I'm always keen to hear book recommendations.

✨ I like emoji.

📃 Check out my contribution to Style Stage!