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💼 I've worked as a Full Stack Developer at YYT since February 2021. You can see examples of the types of work we do on our Work page.

Writing and Speaking

💹 Blogpost for YYT: A/B tests for eCommerce: Why and how to run A/B tests on your site (2024)

🚀 Guest post in collaboration with Unlearning Labs: A Homeschoolers Perspective on Unlearning (2023)

🌲 Virtual Coffee Podcast appearance: Finding Value in Challenging Ourselves (2023)

🛒 Blogpost for YYT: How to choose an eCommerce platform? (2023)

🧠 Blogpost: A Review of Coding with ChatGPT: A Simple Express Server (2022)

📧 Virtual Coffee Lightning Talk: Using SendGrid to Power a Contact Form (2022)

🐢 PyOhio Conference talk: Generative Drawing with Python Turtle Graphics (2021)

Open Source Contributions

🖥️ Create TypeScript App (TypeScript)

🍕 Open Sauced Insights (NextJS/React/Jest/TypeScript)

🍼 Postpartum Wellness App (Expo/React Native)

🎮 Elm Quarto

💻 Forem (Ruby on Rails/JavaScript/SCSS)

✈️ Drone Docs (Hugo)

Virtual Coffee (Remix/Eleventy/Nunjucks)

Community Building

🐦 I co-founded and co-organise #ArtTechChat, a weekly X chat on technology, art and design held every Sunday at 1PM USA Eastern Time.

🧭 I host Salons at the Interintellect. Past topics I've hosted on include Our Spaces on the Internet: Personal Websites and Social Media and Blockchain and Crypto: Imagination; Vision; Usability.

☕ I'm an active volunteer at Virtual Coffee. I'm part of the team that organises our Monthly Challenges. I run the weekly async coffee (X chat). I worked with our Documentation Team Lead, Ayu Adiati, on our Open Source resources.