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⌨️ I write code, mainly CSS, JavaScript and Python. My favourite IDE is VS Code.

💻 I'm a passionate supporter of open source computing and decentralised systems and a not-so-regular contributor on Github. Most of my creative coding is released under open source licenses.

🐦 I co-founded and co-organise #ArtTechChat, a weekly Twitter chat on technology, art and design held every Sunday at 1PM USA Eastern Time.

🖊 I'm part of Pass the Pen, a group of coders collaborating on CodePen and livestreaming as CollabTV

📚 I'm studying at the Open University (UK) and always learning new things in and out of formal studies. My current uni modules cover object oriented programming with Java and algorithms and data structures with Python. My other learning plans for 2020 include Vue and Ethereum smart contracts with Solidity. I'm a believer in self-directed learning.

🔒 I'm a multi-cryptocurrency hodler with a particular interest in Ethereum and EOS and an open mind about new blockchain platforms. I prefer to see healthy competition between blockchain platforms rather than the dominiation of a single blockchain.

🤔 I like ideas that push boundaries and defy categorisation.

📈 I'm an avid reader about economics, and economics forms part of my study plans at the OU. A particular area of interest is new economic models enabled by emerging technologies and decentralised organisational structures.

📖 I'm always keen to hear book recommendations.

✨ I like emoji.